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Welcome to Loyalton

A Good Place To Raise A Family.
Safe Neighborhoods and Excellence in Education.

Loyalton boasts a proud tradition of family loyalty and community inclusiveness, as local generations will attest. All community members are valued, from the youngest to the eldest. Every citizen participates in active, meaningful life activities! We provide transportation, care, and support for our elderly. Loyalton children receive an excellent education by invested teachers and staff. Nearby are numerous streams to fish, trails to hike, roads to bike ride, and lakes to swim. Ski, raise animals, ride horses, or just visit with friends downtown. Loyalton is...a very good place to raise a family!

Loyalton Bocca Railroad TrainThe city’s greatest asset is its people, who welcome the involvement of all those who live and work in the city of Loyalton and Sierra Valley, so as to partner together in making this community one of excellence. Loyalton promotes local, engaging events, advanced education (..Visit Our Schools.), local arts and culture, and great, safe neighborhoods, all of which exist in concert with the natural Sierra environment. (Loyalton Boca Train represented in the City of Loyalton Seal)

Peaceful, spectacular, and reclusive, Loyalton, located in Sierra Valley, has maintained rural qualities and delightful enchantments. Not only beautiful, Loyalton remains open to new and affordable business opportunities. The scenic "Hub Zone" (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) presents a wonderful contrast to the rugged crest and steep canyons on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada.

The City of Loyalton is dedicated to delivering sound municipal services and being responsive to the needs of the entire community. It places great emphasis on family, children, and senior inclusiveness and is committed to preserving history, culture, and its unique, rural character.


1909 Post Card, Robert's Mill, Loyalton, Sierra Valley, CA, Created by P.J. Thompson. Mr. Thompson published photos and postcards around the Sierra Valley area in the early 1900's. This was a promotional card, likely sent to the Mill owners, or a Mr. L.O. Kennedy in Spring Garden, CA, manufactured in Thompson's German company.loyalton 1907 winter

loyalton 1998
Hal Wright, often called the “Flying Paperboy”, because he deliverd papers to the front yards of local citizens by airplane, published the first Sierra Booster Newspaper on October 21, 1949 . In June of 2000, at age 96 Hal passed away. Throughout the world, hundreds of magazines (including National Geographic), newspapers, radio stations, and television networks have featured Wright's accomplishments . The Sierra Booster, is now published by Hal’s younger daughter, Janice Buck, in the original Sierra Booster office.